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Areas of Expertise

Improved Net Profits by $40 million in three years at national firm.
Revenue Improvements, including shortened WIP and Better Billing Practices
  Improved WIP and speed of collections by 16 days.
  Improved realization from 88% to 93% by introducing controls and systematized actions over billing, collection, discount and write-off practices.
Expense Reductions
  Save millions of dollars annually by renegotiating vendor agreements.
  Line item analysis of inefficiencies to reduce unnecessary expense.
  Prepare and track progress against conservative budgets for professional service firms.
Rate Structures
  Improve profits by analyzing and adjusting billing rates per market and client factors.  At one firm, increased revenue by 5% per year through such analysis and program.
  Prepare realistic project budgets and introduce cost-savings and profit-making measures to meet them.

Negotiate and re-negotiate office leases, saving millions of dollars.
Handle redesign and move options to reduce move costs.
Reduced operating expense by 20% as a result.

New Business Plans 
Consult to spin-offs and start-ups to establish budgets, business plans, banking relationships, organizational structure.

Efficiency Analyses and Implementation
Cut staff/professional ratios by 80%, saving $5 million annually at one firm.

Compensation Structures
Design profitable and sensible compensation programs for staff and principals, incentifying firmís productivity objectives and reducing financial exposure to the firm.     

Develop client intake processes to ensure profitable, appropriate client relationships.
Establish procedures for conflicts systems, billing histories, client terminations, client satisfaction monitoring, and employee turn-over and terminations to avoid representation of unworthy clients and disgruntled employee claims.
Knowledgeable in professional liability coverage, so able to save millions of dollars by re-negotiating professional liability contracts and developing deep relationships with carriers and underwriters.

Implement effective business development program, obtaining new business from existing clients and establishing institutional client relationships.
Train associates and junior partners for firm profitability and longevity.

Perform in-depth due diligence on reputation, cultural, practice area advisability of acquisition.
Conduct integration programs to improve likelihood of success of lateral.
Construct compensation packages that are profitable for firm while properly motivating lateral.

Save the 50 - 150% expense of unwanted turnover, loss of talent and disruption to client relationships by developing and executing:
  Alternative work arrangements.
  Diversity programs.
  Professional development programs.
Re-engineer staff functions for efficiency and productivity.
Analyze, re-bid, re-negotiate benefits packages, promoting morale while reducing expense.  Saved $1 million annually in direct expense at one national firm.

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