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Audrey H. Rubin, president of Rubin Solutions, is an experienced business Chief Operating Officer. She has spent many years improving profits, reducing expense, motivating personnel, implementing client development programs, and bringing business efficiencies to her clients. Audrey Rubin is also an accomplished General Counsel and law firm partner. She has written for a variety of publications
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Rubin Solutions provides project and ongoing Chief Operating Officer services to your firm. We bring you the best solutions for your particular business. And we save you money by performing administrative tasks so that you can go back to  servicing  your clients and developing your business.

Existing firms use us to bring business and financial measurements and discipline to their systems. Start-up firms use us to develop their initial business plans and establish their first offices.

We develop and track your progress against budgets. We improve collections. We shorten your WIP. We improve your realization. We perform independent and thorough due diligence on lateral prospects. We analyze departmental profitability and coach your leaders on how to remove financially draining practices in the best way. We reduce staff, insurance, and benefits costs. We implement client intake, storage, conflicts, and evaluation systems. We analyze and engineer compensation systems. We improve your banking relationships and borrowing terms. We renegotiate your lease, and run your renovations and moves.

Rubin Solutions has the experience and relationships to deliver bottom-line results.  We will quickly improve your profits by significant amounts.

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